7 Wild little gestures of love


DAY 43

12th February, 2014

So with Valentine’s Day a few sleeps away, I thought it might be fun to share some wild little ways to love your precious.

I hope you have some loved up fun!

  • Kiss! If ever there is a time to kiss – It’s Valentine’s Day! Kiss your love everywhere and as much as you can. Be creative! Kiss your valentine’s hands, hair, forehead, neck, arms, tips of their fingers and backs of their knees. Remember to take your long winded time! Don’t rush a thing! Long luscious kisses in unexpected places are exciting. So kiss in the kitchen, or the car, or in the supermarket aisle. Kisses in the back of the movie theatre are seriously the best. Remember how you felt when kissing was all you were brave enough to try? How much effort did you put into that one kiss? Heaps right? So take your time and kiss your love in places that you have never kissed before.
  • Write a quirky little poem about how you feel about your Valentine. Make it rhyme…or not. Add pictures, even if you can’t draw, get as creative as you can with stick figures! believe me – your love will LOVE it! Pop your poem into a handmade valentine’s card, covered with hearts and filled with sparkles of love…you can get these at your local $2 shop in the craft section. Sneak it into their work diary, so they find it at the office, or leave it in their lunch box. Make sure it’s not just about getting a giggle, but also about expressing how you really feel about your Valentine. Remember to be genuine…as well as sparkly!
  • Prepare a love feast to eat in bed. I’m talking food here of course! This could be breakfast, or a late night snack. Make sure you put some effort into this. Set up a beautiful tray, or find a basket to present it all in. Theme in the colours of love. Add nice napkins, cups and plates and a cool table cloth, so you don’t mess up the sheets too much – well at least not with the food! Include your Valentine’s favourite yummy foods, but also add something healthy. You don’t want just beer and chips! This is all about expressing your love. So if she loves chocolate or he loves a special kind of ice cream, make sure it’s on offer. You could also bake some fresh scones, or bread, or make home made pancakes with fresh strawberries, jam and cream. Or champagne and late night nachos with your own home made guacamole! Make it yummy and make it fun!
  • Dance. Everywhere! Learn a few cool moves and dance with your honey in the street, in the supermarket aisle, along the beach, in the kitchen, or in an actual dance class! Book a beginners rock and roll class and have half an hour of awesome, breathless fun! Then head to a good burger joint for yummy burgers and milk shakes…and perhaps a bit more ‘dancing’!
  • Locate as many photo booths as you can and go on a wild photo booth, photo shoot adventure! Dress up in a Valentine theme or just dress up. You want to pose for the photos with lots of hugs, kisses and expressions of love for each other!  In between each photo shoot take a break – have something to eat or drink that inspires the next shoot! Eat strawberry ice cream cones, strawberries dipped in chocolate, hot chocolate, milkshakes or red fruit juices! You can keep your photos on the fridge or frame them, or perhaps put them in a special scrap book with messages of love to each other.
  • Plan a bit earlier, and plant some seedlings in a lovely pot or a second hand rustic container, so they are ready to give to your love on Valentines Day. Perhaps he loves herbs? Or maybe she loves jasmine? A friend of mine used to take an early morning walk every Valentine’s Day (or a late night one in the dark) and pick a flower from each of your neighbours’ gardens to make up a massive bunch of ‘wild’ flowers for his girl friend. Now, I am not advocating stealing your neighbours prized roses, but most gardens have a bush, shrub, tree, or flower bed that hangs over into the street, or lane way, so just pick one. You will end up with a huge bunch of flowers from the neighbourhood! Tie a ribbon or a scarf around the bunch. If it’s freezing cold in your part of the world, perhaps you could make some paper flowers, or origami flowers, and hang them in a chain around your bed, or your love’s favourite chair?
  • Massage your honey’s hands, head, or feet…don’t know how to give a massage? Head to google for a quick tutorial! Plan this before hand and find some yummy smelling massage cream or oil. Light lots of candles around the room and put on some gentle relaxing music. Put a soft blanket or fluffy towel down on the floor, or on the couch, and provide some pillows or cushions. Remember to take your time and have fun with it. Massaging should be about taking the time to explore and touch your love and shouldn’t feel hurried or difficult. It’s all about showing your Valentine how much you love them and making them feel awesome!

Of course, you could go for the grand gesture of romance and organise dinner at your love’s favourite restaurant, tickets to a movie or theatre show, or shower your babe with flowers or gifts ~ whatever you choose to do, however you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, remember to be genuine, and come from a place of kindness, love and gratitude…and you never know where the wildness will lead…

“As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.”
― John GreenThe Fault in Our Stars