DAY 56

25th February, 2014


It was Spring when you arrived

A cool early morning

A team of nurses and surgeons brought you into the world

I was young and exhausted and delirious to have you finally in my arms

Your small head was pointy and sore and you screamed at the world around you

Such a little thing

Demanding so much attention

We loved you to sleep

We rocked you and held you until you knew we were there for you

And when you finally smiled it was a good day

We felt blessed through our sleepless nights

Completely thankful that you had chosen us to nurture you, to teach you how to make your way in the world

And as you thrived and grew and danced through the neighbourhood

We smiled with pride

We made you

We were responsible for the boy you had become

Such a lofty place to fall from, so high above, so far away

Such a big thing you have grown to be

So strong, so clever, so sick

We don’t smile so much any more

We step on egg shells and wonder where we went wrong

What did we not see

Did you not feel our love?

As you struggled and fought through the neighbourhood

Did you not realise we were proud of you?

As you left to be alone

It was Summer when we realised that we couldn’t help you,

A long dark evening stifled with heat

I am old and exhausted

But I am still delirious to have you in my arms.

Caz Espinoza, 25th February, 2014

“Remember, Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.”
― Stephen King