Things I love Thursday


Day 114 

It feels as if the universe is conspiring to keep me in bed this week. I had a lovely long luxurious weekend relaxing and watching movies and the like ~ By the time I was heading back to work I was feeling awesome, then the next moment I was invaded by Winter germs!

Cough!! ** Splutter** Erg  >.< *heads back to bed*…

Still, there is so much to be grateful for!

Things I have loved this week: Staying home in my slippers and pyjamas sucking on throat lozenges and drinking herbal tea; overdue cuddles with the koala; little puppies~way too adorable; dragon egg bubble baths from Lush and coconut oil naps; being surrounded by my loud and crazy family for lamb roasts and rich decadent chocolate cake; amazing rambling conversations; endless emails with my best friend; seeing butterflies everywhere; French comedies that make you giggle and cry; the thrill of painting again; giant hugs with giant sons; Kylie on The Voice ~ squeeeeee!! Reading late into the night; luscious romantic dinners with my husband; and this beautiful song…


Things I love Thursday


Day 72

13th March, 2014

Yay! There has been such a lot to love this week:

Sitting under a grand old tree and looking our over the Brown Brothers Winery as my nephew married his sweetheart; lots of awesome dancing and wine tasting ensued! road trip with my other nephew and his girl ~ with way too many McDonalds pit stops! celebrating my adorable grandson’s first year with much pirate goodness and shenanigans; freshly baked scones and coffee for morning tea with my beautiful nieces and seriously cute great nephew; finding a Uniqlo pop up store in Swanston Street and loving it! dancing with my sweet husband and only having eyes for each other; lots of walking and thinking and writing and thinking; lazy Sunday mornings; uncovering some hidden feelings and inspiration through Desire mapping…with Danielle LaPorte; sinking into a hot bubble bath; lots of yummy Japanese food at Ajisen Ramen; feeling a bit of afternoon bliss with a hot stone massage; a bit of a pizza and Weiss Cards night with a friend; reading late into the night; and being kind and loving it!

“If I had a flower for every time I thought of you…I could walk through my garden forever.”
― Alfred Tennyson