Gala Darling Challenge: # 3

DAY 88

Time for a Gala Darling Challenge!

‘Turn up music you really love. Play it so loudly that it soaks in through your skin. Dance in your pyjamas. Feel the pain lift.’

So tonight I hung out in my favourite hot pink pj’s of the moment, (covered in black love hearts), with the air-conditioning on full, because we are having some hot (read sweltering) Autumn weather in Australia at the moment… and I imagined dancing to this awesome track (because I’m still on the fainting side of sickness and dancing is in the ‘no go zone’ for a little while longer), but I did let the song soak through to my skin…while I sucked on my hydralyte icy pole! Seriously made me laugh! Seriously made me feel human again! Perfect moment! #galadarlingchallenge


I Crave


DAY 62


I crave love, freedom, to dance in long grass in the middle of nowhere,

to sleep in fresh cotton sheets listening to the wind sing around my house…

I crave to be surrounded by love,

to be amongst my friends on a late summer afternoon drinking wine and telling stories that make us laugh until our bellies are sore…

I crave good food that makes your tongue melt, wild music, cuddles with my children,

thunderstorms that make me happy to be wrapped up inside by the fire…

I crave being abandoned, kissing in the dark,

the smell of my love’s chocolate skin, feeling strong…

I crave the universe buried within the dreams of another lifetime, hard stone steps felt through soft slippers, the smell of freshly baked bread,

singing across the ocean at worlds end…

I crave freedom, to explore, to play hide and seek across the world,

to lay down on the white sands of a remote beach surrounded by the sound of waves  gently rocking me to sleep…

I crave a beautiful, passionate life, where my heart is full and my dance is long,

where I am wild, abandoned, creative, strong,


Carol Espinoza, 3 March, 2014

Original Art Work by Kirsten Bailey Check her out at:


Dancing in the dark



Monday 20th January, 2014

What do you do when one of your dearest friends asks you to come dancing to celebrate her birthday?

You go of course! Even if the dancing turns out to be in a church hall. With the blinds drawn. In the dark. With lots of other strange people.

You show up and you dance with her.

Because being a friend (or being in any relationship) is about endeavouring to be present 100% and showing up. All of the time. Not just the times you don’t have something better to do, or you’re hit by the CBF (Can’t Be Frazzled) stick! It matters. I’m sure that we have all had moments when we have asked someone, our parents perhaps, or a friend, or a boy/girl friend to be there for us. And if they didn’t turn up, no matter what the reason, it destroys us a little. Because we all need people to be present for us and to show up! It really matters! It matters to your friend that you cared enough to come and dance in the dark with her. It matters that you kept your word. And it definitely matters that you are prepared to stretch your comfort zone, and do something a little crazy for her, because she means so much to you. You are also telling her that she is worthwhile and that you value and respect her by making the effort.

One of the key questions I keep asking myself throughout this DBM Project is, what kind of human being do I want to be tomorrow? It’s a little inside out this question. But basically it’s about considering the possibility that if the person/friend/lover you are with dies before midnight, what do you want to be saying to yourself the following day. What emotion do you want to be dealing with – regret? “Damn, I should have…” or that feeling that you honoured that person and that you did everything a human being should do for another. This question keeps me accountable somehow.

Perhaps you can ask yourself the same question today, or right now. What kind of human being do you want to be tomorrow? And therefore who should you be right now for your friend/lover/mother/brother/child…

And who knows , you may find yourself in a dark church hall on a school night, packed with other dancing divas, dancing to amazing music, celebrating with your gorgeous friend and feeling luscious inside your skin!


Post Script: Tonights dancing event was part of the No LIghts No Lycra dancing movement which is taking the world by storm. You can find out more about it here.