I Crave


DAY 62


I crave love, freedom, to dance in long grass in the middle of nowhere,

to sleep in fresh cotton sheets listening to the wind sing around my house…

I crave to be surrounded by love,

to be amongst my friends on a late summer afternoon drinking wine and telling stories that make us laugh until our bellies are sore…

I crave good food that makes your tongue melt, wild music, cuddles with my children,

thunderstorms that make me happy to be wrapped up inside by the fire…

I crave being abandoned, kissing in the dark,

the smell of my love’s chocolate skin, feeling strong…

I crave the universe buried within the dreams of another lifetime, hard stone steps felt through soft slippers, the smell of freshly baked bread,

singing across the ocean at worlds end…

I crave freedom, to explore, to play hide and seek across the world,

to lay down on the white sands of a remote beach surrounded by the sound of waves  gently rocking me to sleep…

I crave a beautiful, passionate life, where my heart is full and my dance is long,

where I am wild, abandoned, creative, strong,


Carol Espinoza, 3 March, 2014

Original Art Work by Kirsten Bailey Check her out at: http://www.klbaileyart.com