Things I love Thursday


DAY 92

Life is not always perfect. No matter how much you would like it to be. Sometimes bad things happen. This past week has been a crazy week for me, with many sickly moments. But in between the shadows and dark ‘kill me now’ thoughts while I lay on the bathroom floor, have been some beautiful and much needed things happen that I love and am very grateful for.

Things I have loved this week: watching my nephew perform with his band, A Gazillion Angry Mexicans, at their EP launch – yes he is a rock star! sitting in the backyard growing my vitamin D levels in the Autumn sunshine; singing wildly in my pyjamas; smelling perfume samples from my favourite Chanel line and keeping them in my bag; browsing through Alannah Hill’s new Winter range ~ LOVE, LOVE, LOVE; late night walks through the city; ice cream; dinners with my family; my bed; chocolate Easter eggs and hot cross buns; waking up to find my worried husband next to me on the floor; getting an awesome swag pack from the producers of the indie film Waterborne; more sleeping; handing out awards to amazing inspirational young people doing everything from fundraising to volunteering at a women’s refuge; my growing collection of heart necklaces; cuddles and kisses with my adorable grandson; hydralyte icypoles ~ thankyou to who ever thought of putting together these electrolyte chargers! *sigh*