Things I love Thursday


DAY 86

The weather is starting to get much cooler in this part of the world. Summer barely hangs on into the late afternoon. Rain is beginning to fall. The moon and stars are often still out as I make my way to work in the early morning. It’s beautiful. There is so much to love and be grateful for this past week: birthday gift shopping for my younger sister; yummy butter chicken; my crazy Gala Darling challenge filled with bubble baths, endless chocolate and sending gifts in the snail mail; the smell of fresh flowers; kisses in the kitchen; hanging out with my sons, just loving them to bits; writing until way past my bedtime; sinking into soft white sheets; experimenting with core desired feelings and their impact on achieving my goals; endless learning and exploring; being surrounded by goddesses; laughing at kooky cat videos online; playing with words; focussing on happy days…and happiness; watching another beautiful anime ~ 5 centimetres per second with Cristian; loving KPop Star and party drinks; digging out my Winter woollies and waking up to morning rain ~ yay!!


100 Happy Days


DAY 67

8th March, 2014

You may have heard of the 100 Happy Days Challenge. Or perhaps one of your friends has taken up the challenge and all of a sudden her facebook page or instagram or twitter feed is full of cute and happy pics of what makes her day happy.

The idea is that every day you submit a photo of what makes you happy for 100 days. Then share your picture with the hashtag #100happydays. That’s it. Cool idea huh? If you don’t play on any social media platforms you can simply email your photo to You still need to register on the site though, because registering is all about making a commitment and following through. You are way more likely to complete the challenge if you have made a public commitment.

I love that people start to notice what makes them happy during this challenge. They realise how much they already have, feel more optimistic, are in a better mood, start receiving compliments and some even fall in love!

I have some dear friends that started this challenge a few months ago. One of my friends has posted everything from an outing with her dad, to meals in restaurants that she had never been to. She has posted pics of her new hair style, a new dress, a visit with her best friend, a visit to the park, her farewell from her job and snuggling with her beautiful dog. Over the past 80 plus days I have watched her transform from a grumpy and sad possum to someone with a perpetual smile who literally radiates from each photo!

She talks about realising what she has had all along, and also the realisation that she had to actually get out and start doing something with her life to feel happy.

Over the past few years there has been a fair bit of research around happiness and our mental health. We know that the happier we are, the more resilient we are when we are dealing with tough situations in our lives. The happier we are the more we are likely to notice the good stuff in our lives, which leads us to being grateful for what we already have, which enables us to be even happier.

Apparently 71% of people tried this challenge but failed quoting ‘lack of time’ as the main reason. I know I have been guilty of saying this too. I have been so overwhelmed with work and a task list that never seems to end that I can’t imagine how I could possibly fit anything else in. But if we don’t have ANY time for happiness what kind of lives are we living?

Think about it: We don’t have any time to be happy anymore. Really? Wow!

So in the spirit of believing I deserve a happy life…and that I am probably happier and richer than what I realise, I registered for the challenge. I think I have a little time in my busy day to be happy – don’t you?

If you are interested in joining me on the 100 Happy Days Challenge, register on the website link above!

Happy Days!