About this blog

Welcome to my new blog!

So I guess the title’s a bit dark. But it describes my new adventure for 2014 perfectly.

So a few months ago I saw a meme on my Facebook feed.

If you are anything like me, somewhere in between the odd photo or post from your family or friends, your daily feed is full of quotes by famous people, positive affirmations and uplifting life changing stories. And if you are like me, they make you feel a bit better on good day, or help you to breathe on a bad one. Then they fade in the blur of your busy day. Hidden under the growing pile of paper work in your office or falling into the over loaded washing basket. Life is too full to stop and think much more. It’s enough to feel a bit warm and fluffy and then go on your way.

Well it was.

Perhaps I should say here that I consider myself a pretty self aware girl, living a pretty decent life. I also think I contribute to the world around me in a fairly positive way. Most of the time.

I have a healthy, fairly happy family, a beautiful partner who basically loves me to death, a good job where I get to change lives for the better, and a small group of very good friends who have been in my world for a long time. Good, healthy and positive. Well, most of the time.

So, as I was saying, a few months ago I saw this meme.

I’m assuming you all know what a meme is, so I won’t go into detail…but if you don’t then check out this meme def here.

But I should probably show you the meme:


And I couldn’t get it out of my head. It has been all I have thought about for months.

What would I do if I knew that the person before me would be dead by midnight?

Would it change the way I behaved?

Could I muster up any more kindness? Would go out of my way to understand them better. Would I go out of my way? Wasn’t I going out of my way to be a good person already? Wasn’t  I contributing enough?

And if I did all this, how exactly would it change my life? Wouldn’t it change their lives?

Well, let’s see shall we?

This is the challenge for 2014. While most of you are making news years resolutions about giving up food or smoking; My new years resolution is to treat everyone I meet as if they will be dead by midnight.

For the next 365 days…


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