5 steps to have the cutest fun night in with your girlfriends!


Whenever I feel a bit blah, I make time to hang out with my girls.

They always put a smile on my face and make me feel human again!

So if you are feeling a bit down or you just want to try something new with your ladies here are some really cute ideas for a fun night in. They are guaranteed to make you giggle, your tummy ache and have you feeling pretty awesome in no time!

The 5 steps to a cute night in:

  • Decorate! Set the scene. Whether it’s your bedroom, your friends house or your family lounge room~you need to decorate!  Yes, this may mean balloons, flowers, coloured napkins and glitter! One of my friends is amazing at finding decorations that just transforms the room. Things like paper lanterns, or floating butterflies make it special and create an expectation for the night ahead. Whatever your theme is, create a world for your girls to walk into. Strings of fake diamonds, bubbles, coloured scarves, faux fur rugs and pillows…Make sure you prepare a themed music list too, and line up some key movies!
  • Get dressed up! There are a few cute ways you can do this. You can invest in a onesie. I have Stitch and a very pink Hello Kitty onesie that I love. My husband has a Totoro and a panda. Our collection seems to grow every Winter! They are so much fun and really it’s hard not to feel both warm and cute in them. However, if you are not up to transforming into a fluffy being, you could theme with colours, characters or movies. Have a super heroine theme, or break out the bunny ears and tails. Everyone could wear purple and gold, or load up with (fake) diamonds and tiaras! Have a Frozen event, with plenty of iced drinks and icy themed clothing. Dress up in your best gothic lolita with cute skulls and deathly patterned skirts. (yes skulls can be cute too!)
  • Yummy food. Ask everyone to bring something to share. Then make something together. You could bake some cute themed cup cakes with plenty of sprinkles and edible glitter, or make some adorable snacks like the ones you would find in a Japanese Bento Box for kids! You can also ask everyone to prepare something for a take home party bag. Someone can organise the bags (themed of course!) and you can all add items like tiny bottles of nail polish, chocolate frogs, magic wands, cheap eye lashes, manicure sets, little bottles of champagne…well you get the picture!
  • Cute activities! Start with a pedicure or manicure. Paint your nails with crazy colours or head to your local chemist or KMart and pick up some nail art and extra bling with nail crystals and wild stick on designs. These are so much fun and not too expensive. Make sure you have a few bottles of champagne and some fresh strawberries to add to the excitement! Dance! Pop on some music that you can all dance to, or a great movie. You could make it a game. Every time someone burps, or swears or says someones name the music is pumped up and everyone has to do the bum dance or the mexican wave, or milk shake! Expand the night into a pyjama party with your favourite soft toy or pillow and animal slippers. Perhaps your girls are up for a trial make up session on each other? You can teach each other your favourite make up tricks, or buy some cheap wigs and have fun styling new looks!
  • Photo shoot! Get out the cameras and the iphones. Set up some funky music to pose to and take pics of each other. Add some frames, some sparkles and hearts then post away on Instagram! (There are some awesome apps available now on itunes). After the event print some photos off, pop them in a frame and send them to your girls as a reminder of the day or night.

Hope you all have an adorable evening with plenty of kawaii (cute) and fun!


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