Things I love Thursday


DAY 65

6th March, 2014

YAY! What a beautiful week it has been!

The things I have loved this week include: having our little grandson come and stay with us for his first ever sleep over~ so cool ~ we played on the floor, we ate mashed veggies, we slept, we talked lots of baby talk, we played in the plastic bowl cupboard, we sang nursery rhymes, we cuddled, we played crawling chasey, and we rescued our dog and our cat from being loved to death! ~ridiculous fun; having coffee with my daughter in law ~ I always feel so inspired when I am with her and we always have a bit of a laugh; cleaning out my wardrobe and finding a pile of awesome high heels that I forgot I had (bonus!); mustering up the courage to smile and say hello and chat to so many new, lovely and sweet strangers; luscious hours writing poetry in the afternoon sunshine ~ getting my nails done and hunting down the best asian grocer in the city (score!); watching Lost in Translation late into the night and pointing out all of the places we have been; sipping some Jacobs Creek Moscato Rose (thanks Emmy and Diana!) by candlelight; lightening visits, hugs, kisses and hot cups of tea with my sons; walking in the late summer rain and smelling that fresh ‘just been raining’ smell ~ everything just smells greener and new; sleeping in crisp, just washed sheets and not wanting to get up just yet; giggling with my husband over cute video clips; talking to the huntsman spider who has taken up residence in our bathroom and trying to remember that they are the ‘kittens’ of the spider species ~ also trying not to rock in the corner from fear; snuggling in my new panda bear slippers watching Ellen and the Oscars (Yay Cate!) while devouring a whole box of chocolates (clearly someone was sharing with me!); drinking fresh green juices to counter the effects of  the chocolate binge; buying pirate gear for someones first birthday party; setting up my new DBM facebook page (eeek so much going on!)  and kickstarting my new 30 day challenge for March ~ 30 Days of Paying It Forward!



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