It’s a new day


Day 32

Saturday, 1st February, 2014

“I choose to see, hear, and feel the GOOD, the BEAUTIFUL, the BEST, that lies before me, EVERY DAY this month.”

So it’s a new day and I am into the second month of the DBM project.

I may have tripped and fallen flat on my face yesterday, but I am determined to get up and try again.

That’s the deal. It’s not about being perfect all day every day. It’s about falling down and getting back up again, no matter how much you want to stay on the ground or give up and walk away.

No-one really wants to fail. No-one likes it when they realise they have made a mistake, or completely screwed up. Me too. But when we do make a mistake and fall over, we always have an opportunity if we take responsibility for ourselves, get back up and try again. Of course we can always choose to blame someone else and deny that we are in the wrong. That’s definitely one of the choices, and if you are addicted to the pseudo sense of power that this gives you while you lock yourself in your cage of anger and pain, then you may make this choice. I certainly have.

Or you may take responsibility for yourself, and look for the lesson to be learnt.

So today is a new day.

Today I am choosing to take responsibility for myself. It’s a tough gig. It doesn’t feel comfortable. But I promised to live this new life of integrity and I pledged to live as if everyone would be dead before midnight. And a promise is a promise, even if the lesson I am learning is tough, and means I am vulnerable.

So today I wrote this on my mirror in red lipstick:

Do more of what makes you awesome!

Stop playing small and bitter!

Forgive and be free!

“I am ready to be healed. I am willing to forgive. All is well.” Louise L Hay


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