Taking some time to live


DAY 24

Friday 24th January 2014

Taking Some Time To LIve

Today I decided to take some time to live

I left the bed unmade, the dishes in the sink, and the bleach on the bathroom floor

Today I decided to live

To feel the world swirl and dance around me

To look into the eyes of my friends and grin

I held the hand of my love, and kissed his lips

I lay on the floor, sinking into the soft carpet and listened to my favourite songs

Today I decided to remember joy

and I laughed until my stomach hurt and my eyes streamed with tears

I ate fruit fresh from the market and ice cream from the tub

I stood under the shower for a very long time

And let the hot water bless my body and cling to my skin

I breathed in the roses from my neighbours garden, allowed a spray of perfume cling to my skin

I drank cool wine from a teacup and watched the summer rain drench my potted herbs

Today I woke up

and saw the universe playing hide and seek between the sheets

and it took me a while to believe I could join in

Today I decided to choose to live

I danced in the kitchen with the baby and giggled

I remembered to love until my heart ached and i was dizzy with expectation

and I cried

I cried for the days that I had forgotten, for the days I had chosen to exist

But today I chose to live.

Carol Espinoza, 24th January, 2014


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