Sharing It forward Sunday


Yay! It’s Sunday night!

In the world that I live and work in I am sent a lot of inspirational stuff. Partly because we are always looking for new resources to assist our work with young people, but also because people know that I get totally excited about anything that promotes positivity or inspires others to do great things, or endeavours to change our world for the better on every level.

There is always something. Every day, there is always a new idea, a new blog, a quote, a video or a beautiful story or poem. Sometimes I wonder how our evening news can only be filled with tragedy and darkness, when there is so much that is amazing and beautiful happening in this world around us. Truly, there are so many people in our world who want good things to happen, and work hard to do good things. Kind things. Meaningful things. Not just for themselves, but for everyone. I really love sharing their work and their stories.

So every Sunday night I have decided to share something I have come across in the past week or so. Hopefully it will inspire you in your own adventure, or at the very least give you a great start to the coming week!



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