We all have wings…


DAY 15

Wednesday 15th January 2014

I love my manager. I know. Weird right?

But I do.

She is smart and inspirational and fascinating.

She doesn’t think she is any of these things. Once I told her she was stunning and she said no so quickly that I almost missed it. Not, “no” you can’t say that. It was “no I am definitely not stunning.”

I’m the kind of girl who says it how it is most of the time. I really like to tell people about the awesomeness I see before me. So if you have a beautiful heart – I will tell you that I can see it. If you look gorgeous today in that outfit – then I am the girl who will tell you how hot you look. If you are smart, I will thank the universe that somehow I get to play in the same sand pit! And if you are sexy as all get up…well honey I will definitely let you know.

My joy seriously comes from women though. Maybe its because they don’t get told enough about how cool they are, or they work so hard to get a few seconds of recognition. Maybe it’s because they never really seem to have the kind of outstanding confidence that guys have.

Now, let me pull you up right there if you think I am having a go at guys. Love guys. LOVE them. I gave birth to four gorgeous boys that I am seriously addicted to, and I grew them up (yes I am going to put it that way) into four absurdly confident young men who are very busy conquering the world right now. Sometimes I wonder if their amazingness was just in their male genes. Hmmm…but then I think that perhaps some of the inspirational stuff must have come from the belief invested in them by us.

Any hoo…the point is that it always amazes me how guys will be confident about what ever they have to offer, while women and girls minimise their uniqueness and their awesome sauce contribution.

My manager is a great example of this. She is one of the hardest working women I know. I am pretty sure that she works about 10 times as hard as her male counterparts and probably gets a tenth of the recognition. She is my go to person when I need support and when I feel like the world is about to implode, she has this uncanny way of sorting it all out and making me feel like I was the one who made that happen.

She acknowledges me ALL of the time and THANKS me for my contribution to whatever project we are working on without fail. Really, she is one of the reasons that I get out of bed in the morning and feel great about coming to work. She is one of my eagles.

I’m sure that you have all heard the saying that if you want to soar like an eagle you need to walk away from the turkeys…or is it chickens? The analogy of course is that you need to be around people that fully expect you to fly. They will the ones that make you accountable ,but when you do fly, they are the ones that throw a massive party for you. Chickens will only say something like ” What? Dude! You can fly? So you think you’re better than us? What’s wrong with hanging out on the ground? You’ve changed man.” (Okay, maybe they won’t quite say it like that…but you get the picture!)

So here’s the thing. Where are your eagles? Who are they and how do you acknowledge what they bring to your life? Because you may think that your eagle gets told how brilliant they are all the time, but I’m betting they don’t. Make the time to tell them about the impact they make on your life. How they make you feel, how they are game changers. I will guarantee they have no idea, and that they will be grateful that you took the time to let them know.

And if you have one eagle in your life, make it your mission to have five.

(and get rid of the chickens…just saying…)


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