Kill me now



4th January, 2014

Today is Saturday. I’m not sure if Saturday is world wide cleaning day, but in my corner of the neighbourhood you are either cleaning or gardening, or if you want to punish yourself, you do the supermarket shopping. So today I cleaned. YAY! (no, not really) How do you show kindness and compassion when you are cleaning floors and hanging out washing? Don’t I need to interact with people to show them I care? How can I smile at people and do the whole, “I’m present for you” thing if I’m stuck in my house changing sheets, or wiping down the stove. Disaster. Did Mister Og foresee this? What to do. What to do?

At some point in the day I ended up on the couch in the foetal position. I’m sure I was having a little melt down. Day four and my adventure was over. Kill me now.

Then my mobile rang, and I had a light bulb moment. Maybe it wasn’t over after all.

I may not be able to see people or interact with them, but dammit, this girl can text!

So for the next hour I went through my phone contacts and sent text messages to people I thought could do with a positive message. I told some people I loved them, others how much of a friend they are to me, and others how they make the world a much better place by just being in it. I know, a little ‘days of our lives’ dramatic, but I got quite a lot of beautiful text messages back – most saying that they really appreciated the text and that they really needed to hear the message I sent.

It made me think how something so small, and so simple really, can make such a significant difference to each of us. Just being acknowledged, and thought of kindly, has a major impact on our sense of belonging and significance. It also helps us to feel connected to the world and each other, and loved, which is what we all strive for.

“The secret of life, though, is to fall seven times and to get up eight times.”
― Paulo CoelhoAlchemist


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